• Enjoy a weekly delivery of fresh, nourishing soups in seasonally-supportive remixes.

    Serving it up for the vegans, the vegan-as-we-wanna-be vegetarians + for our heavy hitters, we offer brodo and soups featuring pastured animal protein.

  • Welcome to Neblina's Ardent Little Paladar!

    We deliver ready-to-eat, ready-to-go jars of nourishing broth, brodo, soups and stews so you can break no stride as you make your way through the all the days that tumble into another lucky journey around the sun.


    In our kitchen, everything is organic and prepared fresh each week: shopped, chopped, cooked and delivered with love and your good life in mind.


    Our soups freeze beautifully and look great in everyone so you can save or share what you don't use week to week.


    I started Neblina's in the spirit of healthy and nutritious all dressed up like delicious + the deep desire to bring all the people together - so we can win!

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here.

    Let's get free.

  • Our Bounty

    Choose your adventure!

    Variety Garden

    vegan! vegan! vegan!

    $30/ week


    Entirely plant-based selections made fresh in our kitchen using gorgeous, seasonal, local organic California produce. New options each week- join mailing list or follow us in IG @ardent_neblina for menu updates.

    From the Pasture and the Sea

    Chicken! Beef! Swimmers!

    $35/ week


    Soups and stews with a pastured or wild-caught base of fortifying essential nutrients and minerals! Recommended for non-vegetarians who are extra hungry, recovering from surgery, illness, childbirth.... life as a human. Always organic ingredients + sustainably/humanely raised animals.

    Broth/Brodo Only

    Just the elixir, Miss.

    $25 / week


    Broths to get your life back! My favorite thing to serve to everyone, ever. A weekly rotation of our signature mineral broth or another vegan elixir made from hours of slow low simmered garden magic -OR- a bone-based broth that has pulled every last healing property from the bones of the glorious being that blessed our stove with its life. Recommended for folks looking to skip breakfast but not nutrients, people looking to lighten/'cleanse' the system for seasonal/lifestyle changes or anyone who enjoys sipping a hot liquid to warm up on a cold day. Every week: organic/sustainably raised options in vegan or bone-based flavors.

  • The narrative arc.

    A place for verbosity and food to meet.

    Lord, when you send the rain, think about it, please, a little? Do not get carried away by the sound of falling water, the marvelous light on the falling water. I am beneath that water. It falls with great force and the light Blinds me to the light. -Untitled from 'Jimmy's Blues and Other...
    If you can't save people, at least don't hate them. - by Dunya Mikhail from POETRY, July/August 2018 Enjoying a jar fulla coquito in the wake of one helluva week. Health is an incrediblele gift, good people in your life is an essential joy and sharing food, time and laughter with friends is...
    Celebration tonight, I'm gonna dance like the sky ain't falling like my bones don't rattle for someone else like I don't gotta peel myself out of bed like it didn't take two hours of holding my own hand just to walk out the door tonight I'll dance I'll be alive and ain't that worth the party?...
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